Food Service

Swift Black Angus Beef Food Service Excellence

“Black Angus” says it all.

Meet the demand–Discriminating diners want what Angus beef delivers: superior, full-bodied flavor that’s both exceptionally tender and juicy. When you serve them Swift Black Angus® beef, they won’t be disappointed.

Drive profits and build traffic–The majority of patrons view beef as the centerpiece of a great meal, and they choose it over other options. Consumers look forward to indulging in a juicy, flavorful Angus steak when they go out to dine. Increase your sales and repeat visits by offering your guests the Black Angus beef eating experience they know and love.

Products that satisfy and support that sizzles–With Swift Black Angus, you get a dedicated team of professionals to help you utilize all the benefits the brand offers. When you need help, ideas, or solutions, we’ll be there with products, promotions, and plans that help you succeed. Swift Black Angus is the brand that can increase your sales, improve your customer ratings, and set you apart from your competition.