Swift®Simply Better Beef

Serve only the best.

Serving Swift® beef ensures your meal features juicy, flavorful beef. That’s why our focus never wavers from the things that make our beef better:

  • offering extensive and diverse products
  • bringing an unbeatable value to the marketplace
  • providing a product with excellent flavor that never disappoints

Products known worldwide for quality and consistency.

Our comprehensive offering provides a selection across product cuts and quality grades. The Swift graded program provides grain-fed beef in USDA Prime, Choice, and Select. Our products are packaged in branded and graded bags and then delivered in Swift branded boxes, ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain.

Additionally, we offer ground beef, offal, and value-added products in a variety of portions and packaging formats to meet diverse consumer needs. We cut to the same exacting specifications every time to deliver uniformity. And, our case-ready packaged products improve backroom efficiencies, minimize out-of-stocks and satisfy busy shoppers.

History that changed an industry.

Gustavus F. Swift proved his innovative nature time and again. He chose the best grain-fed cattle because they produced tender, delicious beef. His industry “firsts” created the standard for quality beef production, ensuring consumers always ate a product they could trust. The Swift brand embodies this intangible legacy and continues today, respecting tradition while driving innovation and improvement.